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This site was started by civil rights advocate Jonathan Corbett, known for his work against the abuses of the Transportation Security Administration, New York Police Department "stop-and-frisk," and others. His 2012 research proving the inefficacy of the TSA's nude body scanners culminated in a viral video demonstrating the failures, later presented to the United States Congress. A self-taught non-lawyer, his legal advocacy includes the first lawsuit (still ongoing) against the TSA's nude body scanner program and filings all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court.

To reach Jon, please e-mail: jon [at] -- please no phone calls. All e-mails, including media requests, will be promptly responded to. You can also find Jon on Twitter: @tsaoutourpants.

Letters, check donations, hate mail, and legal contacts can write to:

Jonathan Corbett
c/o FourTen Technologies, Inc.
382 N.E. 191st St., #86952
Miami, FL 33179

My NSA Records lets you quickly and easily prepare a request to the NSA for them to provide you with a copy of the records they have collected regarding you -or- send a motion to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to ask them to direct the NSA to delete your records.

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