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Motions to Quash must be sent by mail. We have created the following form to assist you with your motion (Microsoft Word-compatible):

-> FISA Court Motion to Quash

This is a form to allow you to request that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court order the government to destroy the records relating to you that it has illegally collected. Complete, sign, and mail three copies to:

Christine Gunning (US DOJ)
2 Constitution Sq.
145 N St. NE, Ste. 2W-115
Washington, DC 20530 is not an attorney, cannot review your case and provide guidance, and does not provide legal advice.

My NSA Records lets you quickly and easily prepare a request to the NSA for them to provide you with a copy of the records they have collected regarding you -or- send a motion to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to ask them to direct the NSA to delete your records.

-> Why is this important?
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