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FOIA requests can be filled out online directly with the NSA or by mail. We have created the following forms to assist you with your paper requests (Microsoft Word-compatible):

-> FOIA Request Form

This form is used to make your initial request to the NSA. Start here if you'd like to request a copy of the information that the NSA holds on you.

-> FOIA Appeal Form

This form is used if your appeal is denied to allow the agency a chance to correct a mistaken denial before you (if you so choose) sue them.

If you have completed a request and an appeal and are denied both times, you may file a lawsuit in U.S. District Court to request a court order for the release of these documents. You may wish to consult an attorney to help you with this process. The time frame for filing these documents is limited, and waiting too long may invalidate your claim. You may be entitled to attorney's fees if you prevail, and you may be able to find an attorney to take your case free of charge. Contact the clerk's office of your local U.S. District Court or your local bar association if you need help finding an attorney. is not an attorney, cannot review your case and provide guidance, and does not provide legal advice.

My NSA Records lets you quickly and easily prepare a request to the NSA for them to provide you with a copy of the records they have collected regarding you -or- send a motion to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to ask them to direct the NSA to delete your records.

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